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New on our menu

Konirna skewer for 4 persons 1000g Top Blade USA,pork filet, chicken breast, speck, davel´s sausage, marinated pork ribs, ½ crispy duck, grilled vegetables, bacon potatoes and strong…   more »»


Slivothéke on Konírna

We have recently established the Konírna Hall slivotéku - where you can buy with friends or visiting from abroad classic products from Rudolf Jelinek - Plum and brandy. Here you will find,…   more »»


Krušovice Wheat Beer - unfiltered

New offer on Konirna Prague Unfiltered Wheat Beer Krušovice 13° 0,3l 27,-Kč 0,5l 45,-Kč This is a top-fermented, unfiltered wheat lager, which is characterized by a very light…   more »»

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