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Taste our Perfect Game from Křivoklat

Hunting Season Begins at Konírna STARTER Marinated Slices of Baked Neck of Wild Boar, Mushrooms Tartar, Truffle Oil and Fried Bread 195,- SALAD Winter Salad Lives with Slices of…   more »»


After the Sommer on the Konírna

After the sommer we arrange for you: Wine "Burčák" from Mr. Kraus, Mělník Willd specialities from Huntsmann Slama from Křivoklat Sundays lunch - fisches from South…   more »»


Asparagus on Konirna from 21.4.2012

Asparagus on Konírna Cold vegetables soup Gaspacho with peach and fresh basil leaves 95,-Kč Salmon tartar with marinated fennel, crème frâiche and roasted baguette…   more »»

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