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Our chefs have prepared some of our grandmothers’ traditional recipes for you, and some less traditional ones, along with many other well known recipes with a modern twist.

All our ingredients come from Czech controlled livestock, game parks, rivers and fish ponds. Every day we buy the best and freshest quality ingredients which we immediately process following proven methods.

For example our vegetables come from the area around Mělník and are grown in the fertile soils of the Labe. Game is hunted and prepared exclusively for our restaurant in the woods surrounding the castle of Křivoklát where Emperor Charles IV himself used to hunt. And last but not least, our fresh fish comes from the well known fish ponds in the Třeboň region.

We truly believe that there is plenty to choose from and you will leave a satisfied customer.

First Quality Services = Satisfied Customer

The weight of meat unless it is 200 g raw
Numbers written in individual dishes show contained allergen


  Tartar of rump steak
according to our recipe with capers and marinated garlic, served with toasts (1,10,3)
330 CZK
  Slow-baked homemade pâté
of Křivoklát wild hare and fallow deer, encased in red wine jelly, cranberries (1,7,3)
220 CZK
  Gratinated goat cheese
on pureé made from red beet, caramelized apples and roasted pine
250 CZK

Selection of starters

  Marinated Prague ham
in red wine, mixed beef tartare and marinated camembert with pickled vegetables, fried bread and fresh bread (1a,3,7,10)
390 CZK
  Prague ham marinated
in red wine with shallots and nuts (1a,3)
130 CZK
  Marinated camembert
with pickled vegetables and fresh bread (1a,3,7)
140 CZK


  Homemade tripe soup
according to a traditional Czech recipe, with marjoram and crushed caraway seeds(1a,9)
75 CZK
  Homemade oxtail broth
with liver dumplings, noodles and vegetables (1,9,3,7)
75 CZK

Specialities of our head chef – (can also be ordered as a main course)

  Konírna goulash soup
made from beef shank, with smoked paprika and spicy sausage, served with freshly toasted bread (1,3,9)
195 CZK

Traditional Prague Classics

  Tripe according to our head chef’s recipe
with sweet paprika and spicy smoked sausage(1)
155 CZK
  Malá strana tripe
with paprika and cream, roasted Grenaille potatoes, field mushrooms and Prague ham (1,7)
185 CZK
  Fried ears from a Central Bohemian porker,
served with smooth potato purée with groats, marjoram and garlic and sweet paprika oil (1,7)
185 CZK

Traditional Czech recipes – like our granny made

  Real strained cream sauce
with marinated beef rump, cranberries and bread dumpling(1,3,7,9,10)
260 CZK
  Malá Strana-Lesser Town goulash
made from beef shin, with smoked sausage and bacon, bread dumpling with fried onion(1,3,7,9)
250 CZK
  Leg of wild boar from Hunter Mr Sláma,
with plum sauce, root vegetable confit and gingerbread dumplings (1,3,7,9)
350 CZK
  ½ Duck backed with rosemary and juniper,
served with red cabbage with apples, white sauerkraut and an assortment of homemade dumplings (1,7)
370 CZK
  Delicious eight-hour roasted pork flank from young pigs,
flavoured with garlic and thyme, with a spicy sauce and smooth potato purée with marjoram, groats and chips (1)
350 CZK
400g Confited jung-pig knee (400g)
in strong garlic-marjoram jus, confit of root vegetables, parsley puree(12,9,1a,7)
380 CZK

From the fish tanks and ponds in Třeboň

  Roasted South Bohemian bass
on fine potato-leek cream, roasted summer vegetables and violet potatoes (4,7,9,12)
380 CZK

Our head chef’s speciality

  Roasted pork tenderloin and garlic flavoured pork belly
with roasted potato pancakes, bacon, onion and stewed red cabbage with star anise and black berries (1,3,7,9,12)
450 CZK

For meat lovers

200g Chicken supreme
roasted in dried ham with baked root vegetables on coarse salt, stewed Asparagus and strong demi-glace (9,7,12)
350 CZK
  Wild Boar, Fallow Deer - BURGER
Burgers of the Křivoklát boar and fallow deer with vegetables, chedar cheese, truffle mayonnaise in our sesame bun, steak fries and Coleslaw salad (1a, 3.7)
380 CZK
200g Beef Rump steak 200g
with Dijon mustard and potato straw roasted potato gnocchi, confited root vegetables and chorizo onion sauce (9,7,10,12)
490 CZK
200g Juicy chicken schnitzel
fried in breadcrumbs, smooth potato purée with groats, onion and chives, gherkin (1,3,7)
250 CZK

Our recommendation

400g For 2 persons – Prague mega skewer
Rump steak USA, pork filet, chicken breast) grilled vegetables, bacon potatoes, garlic mayonnaise and piquant sauce (3,1)
690 CZK
1kg For 4 persons – Konirna skewer
Rump steak USA,pork filet, chicken breast, speck, davel´s sausage, marinated pork ribs, ½ crispy duck, grilled vegetables, bacon potatoes and strong jus (1,3)
1690 CZK


  Apple strudel
with raisins, walnuts, vanilla sauce, ice cream and whipped cream (1,3,7,8)
140 CZK
  Quark dumplings stuffed with nougat,
served with cinnamon sour cream(1a,3,7)
160 CZK
  Homemade pistachio Crème brûlée,
vanilla ice cream (7,3)
160 CZK
  Chocolate fondant
with strawberries and raspberry sorbet (1a,7,3)
160 CZK

Sorbets with fresh mint

  raspberry, pear, lime-lemon
1 scoop
50 CZK

Our offer for vegetarians

  Roasted root vegetables, herb crème fraiche, potato violet
with gratinated goat cheese (7)
260 CZK
  Stewed Asparagus on potato-leek cream,
with dried tomatoes and roasted potatoes (7)
260 CZK

Our offer for our youngest guests

  Chicken mini-schnitzel
with French fries and ketchup (1,3,7)
190 CZK
  ½ our homemade cream sauce
with marinated beef rump, and bread dumpling (1,3,7,9,10)
160 CZK