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chef's menu 30.4.2017

Hunting season on Konírna

1Winter salads leaves and corn salad with marinated slices of wild boar saddle, Canadian cranberries,black root, parmesan crisps and roasted cashews240,-
2Roast roulade of guinea hen, stuffed with chestnut stuffing, with fine muscat potato puree and braised spinach320,-
3Ragou of neck ok Křivoklát deer in juniper with speck-dumpling and braised red cabbage with star anise260,-
4Grilled steak of wild-boar saddle, with mushroom scrambled, baked potato cakes and candied hippophae390,-
5Grilled pheasant breast with potato-pumpkin puree, chestnut-pumpkin chutney with herbs, black salsify and truffle oil360,-
6Venison burger from Křivoklát wild boar and fallow deer with vegetables, cheddar cheese, truffle mayonnaise in our burger, steak fries and coleslaw380,-
7With smoked bacon larded leg of wild hare, stew in red wine with gingerbread, confit of root vegetables, potato dumplings and macerated prunes420,-