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chef's menu 19.3.2018

Hunting season starts on Konirna - ¨ Venison Feast¨

1Winter leaves salads and lamb's lettuce with marinated slices of wild boar saddle, canadian cranberries, black root, parmesan crisps and walnuts in caramel260,-
2Juicy venison meat balls from wild boar deer and roast game sausage with fine potato-groats purée, marjoram and mushroom-rosemary jus260,-
3Confited moufflon leg on garlic with steamed spinach,roasted potato-bacon dumplings and fried onion290,-
4Wild boar saddle with cherry-chocolate sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and candied canadian cranberries420,-
5Roasted pheasant breast in a gentle pumpkin cream with celery-parsley puree, nutmeg, roasted cashew nuts and pickled rowan berry360,-
6Venison burger from Křivoklát wild boar and deer with vegetables, cheddar cheese, truffle mayonnaise in our burger, steak fries and coleslaw390,-
7Fallow-deer leg sous-vide and stewed rabbit thigh with plum sauce, roasted potato gnocchi with chopped bacon and plums marinated in cognac 420,-