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Slivothéke on Konírna

We have recently established the Konírna Hall slivotéku - where you can buy with friends or visiting from abroad classic products from Rudolf Jelinek - Plum and brandy. Here you will find,…   more »»


Krušovice Wheat Beer - unfiltered

New offer on Konirna Prague Unfiltered Wheat Beer Krušovice 13° 0,3l 27,-Kč 0,5l 45,-Kč This is a top-fermented, unfiltered wheat lager, which is characterized by a very light…   more »»



Restaurant Konírna, Lesser Town, Mala Strana, Prag 1 “Our best experience” This restaurant has 4 different areas : the brasserie, the wine bar, the summer terrace (obviously…   more »»


Baked Baby Chicken On Konírna

Our offer for this sunday lunch 24.2.2013!! Our Executive chef David Korecký prepare for this date: Baked Baby Chicken 1/2 with Bred filling, Duck Confit with fine Potato Purée and on…   more »»

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