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Baked Baby Chicken On Konírna

Our offer for this sunday lunch 24.2.2013!! Our Executive chef David Korecký prepare for this date: Baked Baby Chicken 1/2 with Bred filling, Duck Confit with fine Potato Purée and on…   more »»


Braised Beef Cheeks on Konírna

Konírna - The best czech restaurant in Lesser Town - Malá Strana, Prague 1 We offer for Sunday lunch on Konírna 17.2.2012 Beef Cheeks Braised on Dornfelder Wine from Mělnik, on…   more »»


Taste our Perfect Game from Křivoklat

Hunting Season Begins at Konírna STARTER Marinated Slices of Baked Neck of Wild Boar, Mushrooms Tartar, Truffle Oil and Fried Bread 195,- SALAD Winter Salad Lives with Slices of…   more »»


After the Sommer on the Konírna

After the sommer we arrange for you: Wine "Burčák" from Mr. Kraus, Mělník Willd specialities from Huntsmann Slama from Křivoklat Sundays lunch - fisches from South…   more »»

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