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Spring and Summer Gastronomic weeks on Konirna


Spring and summer ¨ ¨ Gastronomic weeks to Konírna Hall

In order to enrich our weekly offer , we have prepared a special gastronomic weeks ... You can enjoy the most exciting culinary specialties , fresh ingredients and regional products .
Our chefs led by David Korecký
Cordially invite you to the following upcoming event , which we called

Gastronomic ¨ ¨ weeks Konírna Hall

24 to 28 March - Fish for Konírna Hall
We will prepare the freshest what the market offers marine and freshwater fish in various ways our boss.
Look forward to : Sea bass , perch , halibut , South carp , brook trout , mussels ,
and many other fishermen what we offer

22 to 25 April - Easter Offer
Chef David Korecký prepared and tested traditional recipes this holiday spring.
Spring pea soup , roast baby chicken , braised leg of lamb , Easter stuffing , carrot cake and more ...

16 to 20 May - Homemade pasta on Konírna Hall
This week we will be prepared in different kinds of fresh pasta and cook restovat and fry . You can expect various adjustment noodles, ravioli, tagliatelle ...
In short, do not come lovers of fish, meats or veggies .

16 to 20 June - Steaks Stable ( bloody week Stables)
This week, the world's steakhouse taste of meat in various ways .
We bring meat from Texas, Australia , Ireland , Argentina
Peeled beef shoulder , Flap - beef navel , veal leg , Argentine roast beef,
Knuckle - beef rump