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Green Beer on Konirna


Right on the green Thursday, April 2, 2015 we find our barrels of green beer.

Green beer is formed by combining quality water, barley malt produced from the best Moravian barley and Saaz hops that nejjakostnějšího. The beer is brewed in the traditional way on 2 mashes. Into the wort kettle along with hops during boiling adds herbal extract which is formed by leaching several kinds of herbs including nettle in hot water. Thanks to this method of cooking beer has a full flavor and pleasant bitterness. His strength then Green beer acquires bottom fermentation lasted eight days. Long maturation at 1 ° C with a rounded taste beer gets its distinctive bouquet and vigor.

The last step in the production of green beer is the addition of liquor under the close supervision of our brewery. Do not miss out on Maundy Thursday unique beer characteristic green color with rich foam, pleasant aroma and unique flavor.

0.3 l 27 -
0.5 l 45 -