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Gastronomic events in the restaurant Stables-Konirna, Prague, Mala Strana


Winter and spring Gastronomic Week at Konirna

We will enrich our weekly menu, we have prepared a special gastronomic weeks ... Look forward to interesting culinary specialties, fresh and local ingredients. Our chefs led by David Korecký
You are cordially invited to these planned events, which we have called
Gastronomic weeks Stablings

16.-22.1. 2017 - Classical shambles to Stable
For the great success I've already after 8 prepared delicacies like - jitničky, black pudding, haggis, prdelačku, butcher goulash, collars, and our crackling spread with fresh bread.

6.-12.2. 2017 Venison Feast
We invite you to the traditional venison to Stable
We are preparing specialties Křivoklátská game hunters from Mr. Slama
Our chef David Korecký prepares the best thing Křivoklát forests offers:
deer, boar, wild hare, fallow deer, mouflon,
Enjoy - thick soup, pate, roast beef and pork from the boar, fallow deer steak back, Rago deer with juniper, mouflon leg of garlic and lots more.

20.-26.2. 2017 - Pasta on Konirna
This week we are preparing homemade pasta ...
You can enjoy tagliatelle, ravioli, tortellini, cannelloni and more
Always with meat sauce or fish

13.-19.3. 2017 - Burgermanie on Konirna
World's Best Burgers on Konirna
always homemade bun with fries and coleslaw salad,
Enjoy beef, chicken, vegetarian and more